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Saskatchewan's forest fringe areas around Nipawin are known for their great hunting successes.

While Tobin and Codette Lakes provide a home for migrating geese and ducks, the surrounding forests are home to whitetail deer, moose and elk.

That makes Scot's Landing an ideal place from which to hunt, whether you are after waterfowl, game birds or big game.

Make sure you are properly prepared for your unguided hunting adventure by checking out the license requirements, seasons and regulations that apply in the wildlife management zones around us.

To the north and west of the Saskatchewan River is Zone 50, while the area to the south is Zone 43.

Click here to see the wildlife management zone map.

Click here to view or download the 2010 Saskatchewan Hunting Guide. This is a large file, just over 2.5 MB in size, and may be slow to open or download depending on your Internet connection speed.

Click here to go to the Saskatchewan Environment web site.

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